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You love them so much, these wonderful people…

Whether it’s your parents, best friends or significant other, an Anniversary is a wonderful event to celebrate. You want to make this day really special, but at the same time, give the celebration personal touches.

JABS BAR SERVICE can help you with the planning, make creative suggestions and offer a full range of services from themes, rentals, staffing and Bar services. Whether it be a champagne toast or a Cocktail Dinatoire, Frozen Party Cocktails or Virgin Cocktails, our bartenders and service staff will make it their mission to meet and exceed your expectations.

Your celebration is unique because, quite simply, it’s your celebration. JABS team is very aware that each event (wedding, birthday, religious communion, etc.) is always, to your eyes, the most important and we will always listen to you and be at your service to make this moment the most successful possible. JABS puts everything that a full bar service can offer at your disposal and together with you designs a creative and personalized service. We will turn your event into a real life fantasy!